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82X Collagen Classic

82X Collagen Classic

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Collagen peptide combined with other powerful ingredients help increase skin elasticity, firmness and help prevent signs of aging; support stimulate your body's collagen production and support stronger nails, bones, hair, and overall health.

*This product is not a medicine and is not meant to be a substitute for medical treatment


- Fish collagen peptide 120g
- 82 Fermented plant extract 5g
- Gluco-samine 1g
- Magnesium chloride 0.91g
- Camellia seed extract 400ng
- Royal Jelly 200mg
- Hyaluronic Acid 100mg
- Vitamin B2 B6 B1 E D



Medicine proves that most creams only affect 20% of the skin, the remaining 80% is determined by internal changes in the body.

💦 Collagen peptide is liquid collagen, a micro-molecular structure that penetrates into the body and promotes quick and comprehensive use.

💦 The highest collagen peptide content on the market today is up to 120,000mg. The source of raw materials used to produce our collagen is Collagen type 1 from deep-sea tuna, one of the most expensive and the best. Collagen peptide from deep-sea tuna skin proven to have no fat, no pathogens (fish from deep-sea), 80% similar in structure to human skin collagen.

💦 High absorption into the body thanks to the use of the most advanced hydrolysis technology Kosoteki. Kosoteki technology - Japan has two outstanding characteristics. First is being able to identify hydrophobic amino acids, yielding high levels of antioxidant peptides. Second, Kosoteki technology is capable of breaking down collagen peptides which are microscopic into amino acids even smaller in size, smaller than 1000 Dalton, which is currently one the smallest collagen size on the market.

💦 The intake of 82 fermented plants helps to provide adequate nutrition, vitamin and mineral boosters from natural plants, providing the necessary energy for the body to function without requiring additional main meals, helping to reduce weight loss.

💦 The most diverse ingredient formula with the presence of Hyaluronic Acid, royal jelly, hydrolyzed silk, cherry blossom extract, camellia seed, and vitamins E, B, D to help beautify the skin, providing energy for the skin.

Brand information

🏡 Brand: 82X

🏡 Place of Origin: Japan

🌸 Capacity: 500ml / Bottle.

This product is not a medicine and is not meant to be a substitute for medical treatment

Instructions for use

- Install the filler cap and use the measuring cup (available) for easy handling during use
- Drink 25ml of collagen every day at night before going to bed to help absorb Collagen best!
- This product has no preservatives and no sweeteners, so it must be refrigerated after opening
- Use regularly for 20 days, up to 2 months after opening

🌸 With high nutrient content, after using 1 bottle, customers might see the improvement, but to bring the more obvious effect, the brand's advisor recommends using 3 products in combination with Placenta is equivalent to 3 months, after 3 months of use, your skin can be improved significantly (then rest 1-2 months) to fully absorb nutrients as well as let the body rest.


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7-10 working days. However, store holidays are excluded.

Is the product safe for pregnant and lactating women?

The products are natural and have been tested by the Ministry of Health for quality, so they can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Which disease that products are contraindicated for?

The product is only not for vegetarians, suffering from heavy fibroids, cancer and dialysis. Except following disease, you can use products.

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The price does not include additional taxes, fees, and surcharges.

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