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82X Sakura Placenta Premium

82X Sakura Placenta Premium

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82X Placenta Sakura - with optimal placenta content combined with superior nutrient ingredients to help rejuvenate, help reduce melasma, freckles, and revitalize the natural female endocrine.

🏡 Brand: 82X
🏡 Place of Origin: Japan
🌸 Capacity: 500ml / Bottle
This product is not a medicine and is not meant to be a substitute for medical treatment.


- Pig placenta extract ( equivalent 450g pig placenta)
- Fish collagen peptide 15g
- Fermented plant extract (*) 5g
- Cherry blossom extract powder 1.5g
- Hydrolyzed elastin solution 150.000mg
- Unshu Mikan extract 120.00mg
- Hyaluronic Acid 100mg
- Vitamin B2 B6 B1 E D
- Coenzyme Q10 1.00mg...

Unique Features & Benefits

Help reduce melasma, freckles, gradually fade brown spots and evenly colored skin, skin becomes smooth, rosier, female hormonal balance.

Strengthen resistance, help your body achieve ideal parameters, bring in good shape and balance.

Prevent oxidation, anti-aging cells, help the body to be healthy and prevent cancer.

Help repel the signs of aging, reduce sagging, remove wrinkles.

A colloid combined with Collagen to form a bonding fiber mesh to shape skin structure and prevent sagging. Support for treating melasma, freckles and acne.

Helps rejuvenate the skin, eliminates stress, clears aches and pains, promotes digestive system.

Balance moisture, prevent wrinkles.

Provides vitamin C, copper, calcium, magnesium, folate, vitamin B, helps fight wrinkles, protects against UV rays, antioxidants and enhances the body's resistance.

Helps moisturize and soften skin, treat acne, effectively anti-wrinkle, smooth skin


Japanese skin beauty drink 82X Sakura Placenta fully converges top-notch skin beauty essences including Placenta (with a concentration of up to 450,000mg among the highest in the market) come into play:


✔️With only 15ml of 82X Placenta containing Hyaluronic Acid hydrophilic molecules with microscopic nano size → Support to increase the youthful appearance of the skin, elasticity and smoothness.


✔️Concentrated 450,00mg Placenta combined with pure Collagen Peptide, cherry blossom extract... replenishes hundreds of amino acids and beneficial minerals → supports the skin's natural collagen production. At the same time inhibiting the activity of pigments to help whiten the skin evenly, support to fade dark spots.


✔️Cherry blossom extract combined with hydrolyzed silk, antioxidant-rich Coenzyme Q10 → Limiting the effects of the environment on the skin, thereby supporting the prevention of signs of aging.


✔️ It helps detox, eliminate fat and reduce cholesterol, and burn fuel in the body to help lose weight. Fermented foods are a source of microorganisms, such as lactic acid bacteria. This is a very important beneficial bacteria for the digestive system in general and the intestinal tract in particular. Good for the digestive system

Instructions for use

- Install the filler cap and use the measuring cup (available) for easy handling during use
- Drink 15ml of Placenta every day at night before going to bed to help absorb Placenta best
- The product has no preservatives and no sugar, so it must be refrigerated after opening
- Use regularly for 33 days, drink daily at 9am - 10pm, up to 2 months after opening

🌸 With a high nutrient content, after using 1 bottle, customers will see improvement, but to bring the most obvious effect, the brand's advisor recommends using a full course of 3 bottles in combination. After 1 course, skin can rest 1-2 months to fully absorb nutrients as well as let the body rest.
1 year of persistently using product 82X not only helps to beautify the skin but also adds a lot of good vitamins and minerals to the body.


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Is the product safe for pregnant and lactating women

The products are natural and have been tested by the Ministry of Health for quality, so they can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Which disease that products are contraindicated for?

The product is only not for vegetarians, suffering from heavy fibroids, cancer and dialysis. Except following disease, you can use products.

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The price does not include additional taxes, fees, and surcharges.

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