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AI Serum & Cream

AI Serum & Cream

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The smart regeneration duo 82X AI Stem Cell Serum & Cream 

Brand : 82X Japan
Place of manufacture: Japan
Expiry date: 3 years from date of manufacture
Capacity : See on product packaging
Box size: 19x15x5cm
Skin type: All skin types, especially aging skin, post-treatment damage, acne treatment and non-invasive treatment

The duo 82X AI Stem Cell Serum & Cream with the main ingredient is snow apple stem cell extract to help regenerate and restore damaged skin from the cell layer, giving you a healthy, smooth glow.



The main ingredients contained in 82X AI Stem Cell Cream include:

- Super Snow Apple Stem Cells
- Placenta essence
- Soluble collagen
-Combination of growth factors EGF - FGF - IGF - TGF
- Antioxidant ingredient SOD
The group of whitening ingredients in 82X AI Cream: Alpha - Abutin, Fullerenes, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate...

Unique Features & Benefits

Soluble collagen: regenerates moisture and improves the quality of collagen fibers to help skin stretch and dissolve, so it is easy to penetrate with outstanding efficiency in a short time.

SOD antioxidant enzyme: prevent tissue damage, regenerate tissue, effectively inhibit and reduce wrinkles, increase skin cell life.

Stem cells from green apples: regenerate cells, multi-layer regeneration helps rejuvenate from deep inside, reduce wrinkles. Helps firm skin, shrink pores naturally.

Glycerin and glycerin palmitate: are fatty acids of plant origin, providing deep moisture, helping to keep skin healthy, shiny, and smooth.

HA + Sodium hyaluronate: Hydrating molecule, helps keep skin moisturized, natural ingredients help moisturize the skin, slow aging full of wrinkles.

Horse placenta extract and growth factor: inhibits the activity of enzymes that cause melasma and the synthesis of subcutaneous melanocytes, effectively preventing melasma.

Cleansing antibacterial ingredient (Sodium phosphate) has both antioxidant capacity and natural antibacterial ability such as vitamin c and improves aging and supports acne treatment, preventing bacteria from attacking the skin.


Applying the most advanced technologies, as soon as it is absorbed into the skin, the 82X AI Stem Cell Serum & Cream duo can learn the skin's regenerative mechanism to repair damage, making the skin healthy and youthful again. thanks to 4 intelligent regeneration mechanisms.

✔ Multi-layer rejuvenation: restores and activates cells to rejuvenate, multi-layer lifting helps to improve wrinkles and sagging caused by aging.

✔Rebirth with treatment: Restores and soothes the skin, and immediately moisturizes to help revive the collagen network under the skin to increase the effect of stretch marks, remove wrinkles.

✔Regenerate skin cells after acne: strengthen the skin barrier and clean the skin in the pores to help restore skin after acne, especially inflammatory acne

✔Regeneration after invasive treatment (non-surgical): Soothes sensory cells on the skin to help relieve uncomfortable symptoms after invasive; Maintains poor effect, supports recovery and treatment of multi-layered skin cells

In particular, the skin care product 82X AI Cream & Serum has the effect of whitening and evens out skin tone, giving you healthy glowing skin full of vitality.


1. Phytocelltec technology:Snow apple super stem cells are extracted by PhytoCellTec technology - advanced apple stem cell extraction technology that can keep high nutrient content, ensure the purity and quality of the essence, providing superior efficacy. superior to conventional plant stem cells.

2. Liposome double fat envelope technology:Liposomes are spherical molecules, made up of phospholipids, liposomes that serve as a means of protection and transport of nutrients to the right tissues and cells in the body.

Thanks to the precise delivery feature, Liposome is used by 82X AI Serum & Cream as an ingredient to help active ingredients and nutrients fully penetrate into skin cells without loss. The essences covered with liposome membranes have the ability to penetrate extremely quickly, strongly and can penetrate deep into the dermis layer of the skin.

3. Fermentation technology with yeast and brown sugar:Placenta in cosmetic set 82X AI is extracted by modern fermentation technology with yeast and brown sugar. The fermentation process lasts from 24-72 hours, the protein chains are cut into smaller structural molecules with the temperature below 40 degrees, ensuring stable biological activity. The use of fermentation increases absorption, moisture retention and can improve the ability to mix and combine with other ingredients in cosmetics. Helps placenta essence can dissolve in oil and water, easily penetrate deep into the skin.

4. Molecular separation nano capsule technology:Collagen has a fairly large structure in both volume and size, with the chemical nature of glue, it is difficult for collagen to dissolve in water and oil. Nanocapsule molecular structure separation technology combines an enzyme biological conversion method to separate collagen chains into microscopic molecules. This size is about 60-120nm, smaller than the size of skin pores (80-120nm). Therefore, collagen can easily penetrate deep into the dermis, nourishing skin cells.

5. Escherichia coli fermentation technology:Escherichia Coli fermentation technology is applied to dissolve EGF - epidermal growth factor. By nature EGF is insoluble in water, inactive and only precipitates, so it cannot repair and proliferate cells. However, after treatment with Escherichia coli yeast technology, separating the autologous fatty acids from the molecule, EGF can dissolve in water and increase its ability to work more strongly. After processing with this technology, EGF will reach a very high purity. It can recognize and bind to damage cell receptors to aid in repair.

Skin type

Suitable for skin with acne lesions, large pores.

Support recovery after acne or skin that has just undergone invasive treatment.

Support premature aging skin, deep wrinkles, sagging, dryness, dilated pores.

Support to improve pigmentation problems such as darkening, melasma, uneven color, making skin pigmentation brighter.

How to use

Using serum first, then cream.

Use regularly 1-2 times a day.

Use a small amount the size of a corn kernel, dot 5-6 points on the face and spread thin.

Clean hands before applying.

Combine with 82X AI Stem Cell Serum in the skincare routine for best results.

Keep out of reach of children.
Store in a cool place, away from sunlight.

Pay attention to closing the lid after using the product.

Use within 3 years from date of manufacture (see product packaging).


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