Learn about skin aging: signs, causes and treatment

Learn about skin aging: signs, causes and treatment

Skin aging usually appears from the age of 25. However, due to external and internal factors in the body, many women experience premature skin aging. So what is the cause of aging? Is there a way to treat skin aging entirely? Let's learn about aging skin from A to Z through the article below.

1. What is skin aging?

Skin aging is a condition in which the skin's function declines, causing the elasticity of the skin to gradually decrease. Due to the connective tissue, collagen, elastine decrease in density, weaken and become looser.

This decline leads to wrinkles appearing on the skin and also sagging and flabby skin. Moreover, the skin becomes less elastic and more susceptible to damage because the inner dermis layer begins to thin.


According to research, men tend to be younger than women because the skin on their foreheads is 25% thicker than that of women. In addition, men have more collagen in their skin and their collagen depletion is not as fast as women's.

2. Signs of skin aging

Recognizing the signs of skin aging will help you find a way to treat them early. At the same time, it is possible to prepare methods to prevent premature aging as soon as the slightest signs appear. In addition, women also avoid confusion about other skin problems, and avoid being subjective when the skin begins to age. Because aging skin will gradually increase and become more difficult to treat over time. Therefore, it is always important to learn about these “age signals” carefully. So what are the signs of skin aging?


2.1. Dry and rough skin surface

Because cells have a reduced ability to hold water, the cells on the skin tend to stick together and make the skin become drier, rougher, and lose its previous smoothness.

2.2. Skin pigmentation disorder

When the phenomenon of skin aging begins, the pink pigment on the skin begins to gradually decrease and is replaced by age spots. The longer the phenomenon, the more obvious and difficult to treat. 

2.3. Loose skin, lots of wrinkles

The cohesion and elasticity of the skin gradually decrease, leading to loose skin, poor elasticity and the formation of wrinkles, especially in the corners of the mouth and eyes. 

2.4. Sagging neck and chest skin

The skin around the neck begins to appear wrinkled and saggy. Sagging breasts are caused by the loss of tissue and fat, the breasts are no longer full and tight due to low estrogen levels.

3. Cause of skin aging

The main causes of skin aging are endogenous factors (inside the body due to metabolism, or it can also be genetic) and exogenous factors (due to external influences). .

Exogenous factors such as: 

3.1 Due to direct sunlight and electromagnetic radiation

Skin when exposed directly to sunlight will be aging faster because UV rays break down elastin and collagen structures in skin cells


At the same time, when using a lot of electronic devices such as computers, phone, which is also harmful to the skin due to electromagnetic radiation and blue light, it will make the skin lose moisture, lose elasticity.

3.2 Not getting enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep is also a cause of skin aging. If you don't get enough sleep, your body will feel tired and will not be able to produce regenerative compounds, restore stem cells and maintain stability on the skin. 

3.3 Due to eating habits

The eating habits that are not good for the skin are eating too much hot, spicy, greasy, fast food, high in sugar, etc. will lead to acne, sagging skin.

3.4 Due to the habit of smoking

Nicotine in cigarettes is one of the leading culprits that causes the skin to age rapidly. If you smoke for a long time and continuously, it will make your skin dull, less elastic and accelerate the aging process faster than usual. Lesions on the skin also gradually appear with a higher frequency.

3.5 Use of alcohol, beer, stimulants

Using irritants will be a direct cause of harm to your skin, because:

Beverages (wine, beer) are alcoholic beverages that will cause the small blood vessels to dilate a lot, which makes the skin dull and lifeless. 

3.6 Skin is not moist enough

Dry skin with a lack of moisture will easily peel, crack and create wrinkles. Oily skin, when not moisturizing enough, also causes the oil glands to increase activity, leading to more acne. 

3.7. Poor skin care

Busy life and  you have no time to take care of yourself. This will make your skin bad. The reason is that you do not pay attention to anti-aging skin care products. Or using the product incorrectly, not choosing the right product for the skin characteristics. This causes the skin condition to "degrade" quickly. The aging phenomenon is also clearly visible. 

3.8. Loss of Collagen

Collagen loss is the main cause of skin aging. Because collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, it helps the organs to closely connect with each other.


Therefore, a lack of collagen will cause the links on the skin to be broken, and lead to the appearance of many wrinkles, crow's feet, sagging skin, dark spots, and freckles appearing gradually.

4. How to treat skin aging

State the treatment of skin aging as soon as possible. Because the longer you leave it, the more severe the skin condition becomes and the more difficult it is to treat. So, when you enter the age of skin aging, or when you begin to see aging skin, you should use skin care products, supplement nutrients and change your living and eating habits to have a healthier skin.


To help you better understand the ways to treat skin aging, right below, we will share with you tips that modern women often use and are highly effective. Let's refer.

4.1. Change life habits, diet and supplement foods

The first thing if you want to improve your skin condition better, reduce aging, you need to have a healthy, balanced diet.

So what to eat for anti-aging skin? What to drink for beautiful anti-aging skin? Should add more green vegetables, fresh fruits to prevent skin damage, roughness on the skin and premature aging. Eating foods that are high in sugar or refined carbohydrates is the cause of premature skin aging. So limit the use of foods high in sugar and fat and instead use green vegetables and fruits to improve skin condition, and protect health.

4.2. Protect your skin from the sun to avoid skin aging

Sunscreen is an essential and effective measure to care for and protect the skin. There are many sun protection methods to help limit skin exposure to the sun such as: using sun-protective clothing, hats, especially indispensable sunscreen. Experts recommend using sunscreens with a rating of UV protection used in sunscreen SPF 30 or higher for the best sun protection.


Sunscreen is applied 30 minutes before going out and should be reapplied during the day, especially if you sweat a lot, apply every 2 hours to ensure the maximum effectiveness of sunscreen.

Note that office workers should also use sunscreen as a "separation" cream. Exposure to computers, blue light sources will also make your skin age, dull and dull.

4.3. Gentle skin cleansing

Cleanse the skin by exfoliating regularly 2-3 times a week. To be able to remove the scales, horns on the skin. Helps to brighten skin and absorb nutrients from other skin care products such as anti-aging creams or serums.

In addition, it is definitely not possible to skip the daily makeup remover step with makeup remover water or makeup remover gel depending on the characteristics of each skin type. However, you should note that when cleaning, you should do it gently, to avoid rubbing, causing skin irritation. Because if it causes irritation, the skin is very vulnerable to damage and premature aging.

4.4. Use cosmetics

In addition to changing your daily routine, you should combine the use of skin care cosmetic products. It is essential to use moisturizers and anti-aging creams for your skin so that you have a youthful, smooth, and full of vitality beauty. This is considered an effective measure to hydrate the skin and limit wrinkles before they appear.


However, before using a moisturizer, you should consider choosing the product that is most suitable for your skin. For example, if you have oily skin, you should use a hydrating moisturizer to minimize wrinkles, avoid clogged pores, and hidden acne on the skin.

4.5. Quit smoking habit

Smoking is a bad habit that affects your health and skin. It directly affects the speed of skin aging, especially it causes premature and faster aging. The skin will appear more wrinkled and dull.

4.6. Drink a little wine

Limit alcohol, beer, stimulants as much as possible to improve skin condition. Drinking a lot of alcohol, beer will lead to dehydrated skin, more roughness and wrinkles, and looking older.

4.7. Exercise regularly every day

Regular exercise not only improves health, but also helps to improve blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, and bring fresh, younger-looking skin.

4.8. Spa, beauty salon

An effective fast aging treatment method is to go for skin care at a spa, performed by a professional. Depending on the facility, different technologies will be applied to improve the skin condition of their customers. However, currently, many spas are applying the use of ultrasonic lifting technology to help tighten skin, increase elasticity and destroy collagen "old", while awakening passive collagen to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. laxity on the skin.


However, this aging treatment will cost a lot of money and time, not everyone has the conditions to use it.

4.9. Functional beauty food

One of the perfect suggestions is to use functional beauty foods that protect health, increase collagen production and effectively fight aging - Collagen 82X Classic 120000mg supplements natural collagen for anti-aging skin, while moisturizing. and perfect skin whitening. Combined to strengthen the immune system to help the body stay healthy and sleep well.


Supplementing with 82X Collagen not only helps promote cell regeneration but also helps fill in the void of collagen deficiency in fibroblasts. In order to help the skin membrane to be supported and maintain a firm surface, limiting the formation of wrinkles or sagging.

On the other hand, adding foods containing anti-aging collagen from the outside also helps to accelerate the body's natural collagen production. At the same time, it destroys harmful free radicals and can stabilize the melanin content in the cells to limit the appearance of dark brown spots, which are unsightly.
Above are the shares about skin aging: causes and remedies. Hopefully, through this article, you can understand the importance of effective skincare and anti-aging. Especially, don't forget to apply the above tips to have a "spectacular" change!

If you need advice or have any questions, you can leave a comment below so that we can answer you as soon as possible.

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