What's special about 82X Fucoidan technology?

What's special about 82X Fucoidan technology?

The amazing 82X Fucoidan Collagen & Placenta product, whose principal component is the cancer-prevention "natural vaccine" fucoidan, was just recently introduced by the 82X brand. What makes 82X Fucoidan technology unique and why do so many people seem to be interested in this product? In this article, 82X will help you find out.

82X launches 82X Fucoidan Collagen & Placenta

A new product based on collagen and placenta with fucoidan was recently introduced, according to the top Japanese brand in the beauty drink market, 82X. With its two primary product lines, 82X Collagen and 82X Placenta, this brand has a research division in Japan and has been solely selling in Vietnam for the past six years.

Placenta and collagen Among the 1,500 species of algae currently discovered, Fucoidan 82X, which is isolated from Okinawa Mozuku seaweed, has the highest concentration of Fucoidan and other nutrients. The two updated varieties of this product are 82X Fucoidan, which includes the cancer prevention support ingredient Fucoidan, and 82X Stem Cell, which includes stem cells from Damask roses to help reverse biological aging. This system, which restores the person's innate state of health, is compared to a process of "rejuvenation programming" of the body. Damask rose stem cells from Bulgaria are another pricey ingredient that the 82X company uses in its products in addition to fucoidan.

82X Fucoidan technology - Supramolecular Collagen

The Kosoteki hydrolysis process is used in a number of 82X trademark goods, including the health protection food 82X Fucoidan. Due to the exorbitant cost of the product, there are currently very few collagen brands using this cutting-edge technology. What distinguishes 82X Fucoidan technology from traditional technologies then?

What is supramolecular collagen?

The term "collagen peptide" (also known as "hydrolyzed collagen") is likely well-known to many individuals. Although when broken down, collagen "supermolecules" are just one-fifth the size of a typical collagen peptide. As a result, hydrolyzed collagen absorbs more swiftly and easily.

In contrast to conventional collagen peptides, which take the body around 3 hours to digest, modern Kosoteki hydrolysis technology produces collagen that is absorbed by the body in about an hour.

Supramolecular collagen, a pure, "golden" source of nutrients mined from the ocean floor, is also derived from marine Fish Tuna. Due to the price of marine fish ingredients, several collagen brands employ them with extreme caution. Instead, they make use of inexpensive, simple-to-use ingredients derived from creatures like horses, sheep, cows, pigs, and chickens. These animals will have a harder time absorbing collagen, which will delay the predicted impact.

Collagen supplementation is critical since after the age of 25, the amount of collagen decreases by 1.5% per year, and after the age of 45, collagen production ceases completely. As a result, starting at the age of 25, it is critical to supplement collagen completely and fast... Women in sophisticated countries, such as America and Japan, in particular, have a tendency of taking collagen supplements on a daily basis.

82X Fucoidan technology - The most modern Kosoteki technology

About Kosteki Technology

Japanese experts developed 82X Fucoidan technology, also known as Kosoteki technology. This is an incredibly expensive technology that necessitates meticulous planning during the manufacturing process to increase the cancer treatment. Kosoteki has two unique qualities. 

First, Kosoteki technology can identify hydrophobic amino acids, allowing for vast numbers of antioxidant peptides to be obtained. Second, Kosoteki technology can degrade collagen fibers into incredibly small amino acids with a molecular weight of fewer than 1,000 daltons. Collagen created utilizing Kosoteki technology is 3 to 5 times smaller than ordinary collagen peptides, which are considered exceedingly tiny.

The superiority of Collagen 82X

82X has launched the most effective collagen lines on the market today as one of the pioneers in utilizing Kosoteki technology to collagen manufacturing. The absorption rate of 82X Collagen is incredibly quick. Collagen 82X usually penetrates the body and begins to work within an hour of being consumed. Other forms of collagen, on the other hand, can take up to 4-5 hours. Collagen 82X has a high absorption capacity of up to 95%, according to study, whereas other forms only reach 60%. As a result, Marine fish tuna collagen 82X produces noticeable results after only 4 weeks of consistent use. Collagen 82X, in particular, does not create unpleasant side effects such as pimples, making it ideal even for persons with sensitive constitutions and allergies.

Health protection food 82X Fucoidan Collagen - Regenerate beauty from within

82X Fucoidan Collagen includes 120,000 mg of collagen extracted using exclusive Kosoteki technology from micro-sized hydrolyzed ocean tuna skin. There are also 82 Fermented vegetable extracts and other useful natural substances. This promotes the body's natural collagen production, increases skin elasticity, slows aging, and fills wrinkles and smile lines.

Specifically, Fucoidan from Mozuku brown algae from Okinawa waters is added to 82X Collagen drinking water, acting as a "natural vaccine" to fight cancer in each cell. At the same time, it enhances the function of cells, strengthens the body's immune system, helps cells stay healthy, and prevents dangerous diseases. 82X Fucoidan Collagen Drink promotes overall health from the inside out.

Outstanding benefits of 82X Fucoidan Collagen:

  • Supplementing the ingredient Fucoidan - "natural vaccine" helps prevent cancer.
  • Strengthens muscles, increases skin elasticity, makes skin smooth and improves pores.
  • Improves antioxidant capacity, slowing the appearance of signs of skin aging.
  • Prevent cancer at the cellular level, enhance immunity, and purify the body.
  • Kosoteki's exclusive hydrolysis technology creates microscopic collagen peptide molecules, increasing absorption efficiency by 6 times.
  • Sugar-free - fat-free - preservative-free formula, benign and safe for health, limits weight gain and acne.

Health protection food 82X Fucoidan Placenta – Rejuvenation program

Fucoidan Placenta 82X drink offers a high concentration of nutrients derived from the placenta, which are beneficial to the skin. 82X Fucoidan Placenta helps renew and restore cells from inside, allowing the skin to remain beautiful and youthful for an extended period of time without having to worry about aging. At the same time, it aids women's bodies in remaining healthy and energetic throughout the day.

82X Fucoidan Placenta is a product of 82X, which is the leading brand in the category of high-end skin beauty products due to its great content, extremely benign natural components, and clear effectiveness in maintaining skin radiance. Skin, youth, and women are all factors to consider.

Furthermore, 82X Fucoidan Placenta is "enhanced" with Fucoidan extracted from Mozuku brown algae, having the ability to naturally stimulate the body's immune system, fighting pathogens, including cancer cells.

The following are some of the many advantages of 82X Fucoidan Placenta:

  • Anti-oxidant, regenerates cells, increases elasticity, preserves youthful beauty for women. Balance hormones, improve ovarian health and uterine environment, increase fertility.
  • Strengthen resistance, immune system and increase the ability to eliminate toxins, creating a foundation for stable women's health.
  • Prevent cancer at the cellular level with Fucoidan extract from Okinawa Mozuku brown algae.
  • Applying Charites PHH high pressure extraction technology creates the purest placenta molecules, containing twice the nutritional value of other placentas. From there, the speed of skin beautification increases by 2 times.

82X Beauty has shared the highlights of 82X Fucoidan technology as well as essential information about the recently launched 82X Fucoidan Collagen & Placenta product with you in the preceding post. If you have any questions about the product, please contact 82X Beauty right away for the most timely and specific answers.

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