82X Stem Cell - "Savior" for thin, weak, Premature Aging

82X Stem Cell - "Savior" for thin, weak, Premature Aging

Dirt, UV radiation, treatment, cosmetic irritation, and other factors can easily cause skin damage such as black spots, melasma, freckles, redness, acne, dark spots, and so on, causing headaches in many women.

Many people believe that "whatever it is, it can be cured," but they forget that skin restoration is also regarded as a treatment approach, healing the skin from the inside and better safeguarding the skin from harmful effects. So, how does the 82X stem cell drink help you to have the perfect skin? In the following post, we will discover it all!

82X – A pioneering brand in beauty trends

In Vietnam, 82X is a ground-breaking brand that has always been a leader in keeping up with international trends in beauty and health protection formulae. We've been conducting research for more than 20 years, and we're always working to make our products better so we can offer complete comprehensive, long-term health and beauty care

Product lines like 82X Classic, 82X Sakura, 82X The Pink, 82X Kakemono, etc. have been making waves in the Asian market and other nations. Products from 82X efficiently promote the path of skin renewal, strengthening health, slender figure, and improving overall health quality with a wealth of Collagen/Placenta components, Kosoteki hydrolysis technology, and cutting-edge Charites PHH high pressure technology.

A shining example of 82X's creativity and dedication to invention is the 82X Stem Cell. In September 2023, the product was just launched to the Vietnamese market. It is anticipated to become the most advanced generation of innovative collagen drink, improving female health and beautifying skin while assisting Vietnamese women in receiving "Rejuvenation Programming" and all-encompassing health protection.

82X Stem Cell Collagen & Placenta - Rejuvenate biological age from the cellular level

Skin that is young and healthy is an aesthetic standard as well as a reflection of general health. A superior enhanced version with stem cell power to assist you renew your biological age and shine naturally has been introduced by 82X in response to this requirement.

In the 82X product range, this is one of the two most cutting-edge product lines since it incorporates active ingredients that regenerate birth at the cellular level. The efficiency of 82X Stem Cell is increased by the inclusion of Damask rose stem cell extract and the formula is 3 times more effective (82 vegetable yeast, peptide yeast, and white fungus).

  • Rejuvenate each cell's biological age using the following process: Protect - Revive - Regenerate - Nourish.
  • Increases the body's resistance to hazardous substances by boosting the immune system.
  • Removes toxins, purifies the body, and offers opportunity for stem cell growth.
  • Helps maintain optimal bodily condition and a slimmer physique.

82X Collagen Stem Cell 

The capacity to encourage DNA repair and cell biological rejuvenation is 82X Stem Cell Skin Care Collagen's unique quality. Additionally, the product performs admirably in the following areas thanks to its 120,000 mg of hydrolyzed collagen peptide from ocean tuna skin:

  • Enhances natural collagen production
  • Increase elasticity, lift muscles and fill wrinkles
  • Minimizes pores, helps skin become smooth, white and radiant
  • Moisturizes, helps skin become smooth and shiny
  • Weight control
  • Enhance immunity, improve digestive system
  • Regulates sleep, helping to make your mood happier every day

82X Placenta Stem Cell 

Similar to other placenta product lines, 82X Stem Cell Placenta helps women improve their hormone balance, shape, and "ageless" skin. In that they can slow down cell aging, stabilize health, enhance collagen quality, and enhance skin health, placenta and Damask rose stem cells are like "a tiger gaining wings" when combined. age-related decrease of endogenous stem cells.

In order to double the efficiency and speed of absorption, 82X Stem Cell Placenta additionally uses Charites PHH high-pressure extraction technology. This is referred regarded be a "close friend" by women since it can:

  • Enhance women's health, create soft curves.
  • Maintain a slim figure, inhibit excess fat production.
  • Increase the ability to conceive, sublimate the couple's emotions.
  • Reduces dark spots and freckles on the skin.
  • Improves skin supple, moist, smooth and radiant with vitality.
  • Enhance immunity, detoxify the body.
  • Control stress, enhance beauty effect.

82X and its mission of comprehensive care for skin and health

In addition to developing cutting-edge products, 82X concentrates on the manufacturing procedure and quality control. This guarantees that you always receive the best and safest items available.
Rose stem cells under the microscope Fabric)

With 82X, achieving beauty is not just the end result; achieving beauty is a journey, a real beauty experience. We are certain that we have changed how women view themselves through our goods and services, enabling them to be confident and shine every day.

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