Since the year 794, cherry blossom was used by the Japanese nobility as a familiar material in beauty. Scientists have carried out a number of studies to demonstrate the effect of whitening and strengthening the skin's elasticity.

🌸 Collars & Keratin destroys
In one study, the cherry blossom extract strongly inhibited the toxins produced by binding to proteins, damaging collagen and keratin, damaging the skin structure, promoting aging, inflammation and stress ...
Research published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry shows that cherry blossom extract protects against damage caused by oxidation leading to rapid aging.

🌸 Lightening the skin, nourishing the skin from deep inside, removing blotches, freckles: Essence of cherry blossom with the application of inhibits the formation of melanin on the skin, helps to fade skin spots, freckles. Thanks to the inhibition of melanin formation, cherry blossom extract is used in many skin whitening products.
If your body contains large amounts of melanin, your skin will be dark. Likewise, if you have less melanin in your skin, you will have white skin. Melanin is like a double-faced: it is a natural skin protector, not damaged by sunlight, as a vandalizer that makes the skin greasy.

🌸 Stretch pores: cherry blossom helps shrink pores and regulate oil balance on the skin, making the skin smooth and soft, preventing skin dryness or acne due to too much oil.
Collagen and Placenta 82X from Japan contain cherry blossom extract, which not only rejuvenates the skin, but also gives it a healthy, bright white complexion.


Apply regularly 20ml Collagen or 15ml Placenta, to protect your skin. The summer will not have the worry of tanning when going in the hot sun.

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