What is the effect of water, tablets, powder and creams collagen? Let's find out the difference between the types of Collagen and have the right choice for your skin.

  • Collagen cream
- Apply directly to the skin you need care, effective fast. Match who want to look beautiful in a short time.
- Do not have permanent effect on the skin and the whole body. Some information that people rarely understand: Collagen is only effective when it is in the dermis of the skin. Collagen can penetrate the horny scales on the surface of the skin to penetrate the dermis so that the topical products retain the macromolecule structure. As a result, it only has a temporary effect on the skin. When you stop using, your skin immediately will return to the previous state quickly.
- Most skin collagen is made of synthetic materials rather than natural products.
There are side effects to some people, so before applying directly to sensitive skin such as face, neck ... you should try to apply a little on the arm within 15-20 minutes to see the reaction of the skin
  • Collagen powder

- Powdered collagen is mainly contained in a box or bag such as powdered milk. The price is suitable for many users. It is therefore used long term and is suitable for middle-income users.

- Do not have many tastes for you to choose, it may be necessary to mix or mix Collagen with water so it is time consuming for busy people.
It is not convenient to carry.

  • Collagen in tablets

- Collagen tablets are mainly placed in bottles, others are stored in bags.
Fast, convenient to bring to use.
- The price is lower than other types of collagen so you can save more money in the long run.
- Collagen in each capsule is lower in Collagen and other weight.
- Time to be effective longer.

  • Collagen water

- Water collagen is recommended by most experts for its safety and effectiveness in absorbing nutrients into the body in most other forms of collagen, especially hydroxylated collagen peptides of the 82x series.

  • In addition to the main ingredient is Collagen, 82x from Japan also contains other beauty ingredients such as 82 kinds of fermented plants, hyaluronic acid which has the role of moisturizing, providing adequate vitamins for the body 
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