Shark cartilage and oats in 82x

Shark cartilage and oats in 82x

Extracting from expensive royal foods, including shark cartilage and oats, product 82x became a premium drink, supporting the health care and beauty for female.

1. Shark cartilage

Shark cartilage is the cartilage taken from the fins of sharks. This is considered to be the most valuable component of the brave fish dominating the ocean. Since ancient shark cartilage has been known as one of the extremely rare food, the product are classified in the bowl of eight bowl - one of only eight royal dishes which the elderly enjoy.

In addition to providing delicious meals, shark cartilage is used by the royal family because it offers many effective effects in the protection of health and beauty. In shark cartilage, there is an evenly distributed connective tissue mucopolysaccharides (containing chondroitin sulfate), along with glycosaminoglycans, proteins, calcium and collagen. Thanks to the combination of these constituents, shark cartilage brings many health benefits, enhances the body's resistance and effectively prevents the development of many pathogens.

In the field of beauty care, shark cartilage is really a "pharmacy" to help skin healthy and smooth, make the aging process of the body slower and prolong the youth.

2. Oats

Like shark cartilage, oat is also in the bowl, "sea oysters" are very valued from ancient coins. It is a medicine for the "redeeming" for kings and nobles of ancient times. Oat (also known as swallow's nests) is made from a nest of birds nest on the cliffs in quiet caves.

This type of "sorbet" contains many nutrients that enhance physical fitness, supplement the body, quickly recover the damage, stimulate erythrocyte growth, strengthen the immune system ...

The nest also contains sialic acid - a substance needed to create new cells. This is an important factor to help skin beauty, anti-aging and increase longevity. In addition, the nest also contains eight kinds of amino acids and 30 micronutrients, increasing the rate of absorption of enzymes and collagen of the body.
Oat is used in many beauty methods by collagen, helping to reduce acne, freckles, pigmentation, pink skin, slow down the aging process, helping to preserve the beauty of women.

3. Shark cartilage and oats in 82x

Shark cartilage and oat extract essence - the main ingredients make 82x Collagen 82x and Placenta 82x collagen, helping you lift the beauty from inside the body.

82x contains full of essences from the two royal family ingredients, possessing the power to enhance health and beauty from them.

Women can completely feel the positive change on the skin when using regularly 25ml Collagen or 15ml Placenta every day. Your skin will become smoother and firmer thanks to the essence of "sea anemone" extracted from shark cartilage and oats.

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