What are the effects of collagen on the skin? Learn about the functions of Collagen on the skin

What are the effects of collagen on the skin? Learn about the functions of Collagen on the skin

What effect does collagen have on the skin? How to supplement collagen to enhance the effect of collagen on the skin? This article will provide you with the benefits of collagen for the skin and how to supplement it effectively.
What does collagen do for facial skin?

1. What is collagen?

Based on scientific studies, collagen is a protein that makes up 70% of the structure of the skin. They are important in many metabolic activities of the body, and also stimulate the regeneration and repair of damaged skin. 

Collagen bonds under the skin help firm, smooth skin

The most collagen is found in the dermis, which helps to bind cells and form firm skin.

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2. What effect does collagen have on the skin?

Improve skin problems thanks to the effect of Collagen

2.1. The effect of collagen helps reduce wrinkles on the skin

The effect of collagen on the skin is to help the skin become plump, maintain firmness and elasticity thanks to the connective tissue and increase the health of the skin.

However, the body's ability to produce collagen on its own decreases with age. Furthermore, other factors can affect the skin such as tension, stress, irregular eating as well as an imbalance of internal organs in the body. Additionally, sun exposure, pollution, and poor skin care can affect collagen levels in the body.

2.2. Enhance skin rejuvenation

If you still wonder what collagen does for the skin, skin rejuvenation is a completely convincing answer. Because this essential protein helps to provide elasticity to the skin, regenerates a new skin that becomes younger and healthier.

A study published in 2014 randomly selected 46 out of 69 women between the ages of 35 and 55 to take collagen hydrolyzate supplements. The rest of the group was given a placebo. Results showed that the women who took collagen improved their skin's elasticity within four weeks.

Maintaining the level of collagen production in the body can keep the small blood vessels and arteries from showing up beneath the skin. As a result, your skin will maintain its perfect youthful appearance.

2.3. Fades scars

Scars are the body's perfectly normal response to trauma or possibly acne. Scar tissue is mainly formed from the collagen component. The amount of collagen in scar tissue is usually denser but less elastic than in normal tissue.

Acne scars often make the appearance less sharp. When the skin has scars, you can supplement with collagen to help the skin repair itself. A lot of amino acids found in collagen help to minimize the appearance of dark spots.

According to research, the effects of collagen can promote the formation of healthy tissues, helping to speed up the wound healing process.

3. How to supplement collagen?

3.1. Eat foods rich in collagen

You may not know, food contains a biological form of collagen that the body can convert into protein to nourish the skin, heart, bones, joints, etc. Eating scientifically and rationally is the healthiest method to supplement this essence.

Use foods that are both rich in collagen and contain other micronutrients good for health

Foods rich in collagen you should eat regularly are: shrimp, fish, chicken, eggs, bone broth, etc. They have collagen and many other nutrients such as magnesium, iron, calcium, etc.

Besides the effect on the skin, these substances also support blood circulation, limit excess fat and maintain a reasonable weight. Therefore, you should add these foods to your daily meal to have a rosy and healthy skin. 

3.2. Supplement collagen with skincare products

Currently, the beauty cosmetics industry produces many skin care products with collagen ingredients such as collagen masks, collagen creams, etc. 

Collagen cosmetics are popular in the daily skin care routine of women

Many women have used cosmetic products in their skin care process. Supplementing collagen content directly to the skin, bringing collagen content to compensate for the areas of skin that are lacking.

Normally, after cleansing the skin, use a serum containing collagen, combined with facial massage to help the nutrients penetrate deeper into the skin. You can choose to apply a mask containing collagen to take care of your skin for 20-30 minutes.

3.3. Drink collagen for beautiful skin

Methods of supplementing collagen orally such as collagen powder, collagen tablets or collagen liquid are trusted by many women. Collagen is produced in the form of tablets, liquid and powder. According to studies, a person can take collagen once a day. Drinking regularly for 8 weeks will have the effect of reducing the depth of eye wrinkles by 20%, increasing skin elasticity and visibly moisturizing.

Oral collagen supplements help the body absorb from the inside out

It is a great thing that studies have shown that, if you stop taking collagen, the effects from the previous time will still be maintained. Skin remains healthy. Therefore, drinking collagen is extremely necessary, so you should supplement it from today. 

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4. When should collagen be used?

When to take collagen? This essence should be used once before going to bed. The best times for the body to absorb collagen are morning and evening. 

Depending on the brand, each product will have a different collagen supplement regimen. Normally, we have to supplement collagen for 2-3 months continuously. Then pause for 30 days for the body to absorb.

During use, if the body appears tired, or any other normal symptoms such as side effects of collagen , it means that your use is in excess. At this point, reduce the dose used to return the body to its normal state.

Make sure that before using collagen for the skin, you need to remove makeup and clean your face to unclog pores. Combine with a gentle massage of nutrients on the neck and face until the product is fully absorbed into the skin. If using orally, you should take it 30 minutes before going to bed.

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