Collagen Peptide: All the informations from A to Z that you need to know

Collagen Peptide: All the informations from A to Z that you need to know

Collagen Peptide is a familiar nutrient ingredient in collagen supplements on the market today. However, many people still wonder what is Collagen Peptide? How is it different from regular collagen? Let's answer all the above questions through the article below!

1. What is Collagen Peptide?

Collagen Peptide is also known as Hydrolyzed Collagen. This type of collagen is abundant in cells and extracellular tissues. This type of collagen is highly bioavailable and is commonly used in many beauty products.

Compared with other normal proteins, Collagen Hydrolyzate has 10 - 20 times higher content of proline, amino acids, hydroxyproline, glycine, etc. These ingredients have an important role in supporting the building of healthy muscle tissue, slowing down the aging process of the skin, and promoting skin health.

In addition, being micro size, Hydrolyzed Collagen is easily absorbed more quickly into the body than regular collagen. Ordinary collagen takes longer to absorb because it has to wait for digestion in the stomach. According to nutrition experts, the absorption capacity of collagen peptides is up to 100% which is very effective. That is why this hydrolyzed collagen is popular in health supplements as well as skin care cosmetics.

Collagen Peptide is divided into 3 main types:

  • Type 1 - Inhibitor Peptide: usually extracted in the form of pentapeptide-18, acetyl hexapeptide-30, Argireline. This is the type that helps prevent wrinkles, and muscle contraction, and keeps the skin firm and elastic.
  • Type 2 - Signal Peptide: has the role of stimulating and inhibiting cell activity to promote the body's collagen production, helping to slow down the aging process of the body.
  • Type 3 - Transport Peptide: Assists as a nutrient transport compartment, enhancing the body's protein synthesis.

2. What is the difference between Collagen Peptide and Regular Collagen?

Many people often confuse collagen and collagen peptide as one. However, in terms of structure as well as quality, the two types are very different. Some highlights of collagen peptide compared to normal collagen such as:

  • Collagen Peptide has a very small size and the similarity of this collagen compared to collagen in the human body is very large.
  • The calorie content in Collagen Peptide is very low. When using Collagen Peptide, customers do not have to worry about the ability to cause weight gain compared to normal collagen.
  • Because of the crossbow size, the body's ability will absorb 100% Collagen Peptide in a short time, bringing the best efficiency for the body.
  • Collagen Peptide has no fishy smell, which is very easy to drink and very good for digestive support. If taking some types of normal collagen, you may be a bit confused because of its smell.

3. Effects of Collagen Peptides.

Collagen Peptide is highly appreciated in supplementing and supporting health and beauty care. Some indispensable benefits of Collagen Peptides’s are: 

  • The first benefit is to support the process of collagen proliferation in the body, helping to strengthen the connection of cell tissues, and supporting the skin to be more elastic and smoother. Reduces dark spots, wrinkles, and slows down the skin's aging process.
  • Support to improve health, enhance body metabolism, strengthen resistance, and maintain a healthy body comprehensively.
  • Collagen Peptides is perfect for the intestinal tract. It can help improve intestinal diseases such as digestive disorders, heartburn, acid reflux,...
  • Enhance density osteoarthritis, reduce pain, degeneration, and prevent symptoms of dry joints, joint swelling, and stiffness in old age.
  • Collagen Peptides support heart health and improve blood circulation. It supports the prevention of diseases such as atherosclerosis, and stroke,...

With collagen products on the market, Collagen Peptide is often combined with many other nutritional ingredients and minerals to increase effectiveness when used as placenta, bird's nest, and vitamin C,...

It would be best if you mentioned that any product added to the human body is at risk and irritant. Although Collagen Peptides are considered to be quite benign, suitable for most users. But it can cause side effects such as rash, constipation, heartburn, and body fatigue,... If you experience the above reactions, you should stop using and consult specialist doctors.

4. Mindful when supplementing with Collagen Peptide

Choosing the right collagen will help the body and skin get the best care, minimizing unwanted irritation. So here are a few points to keep in mind when choosing a collagen supplement product.

  • People should choose the right type of collagen depending on their health status of each person. As mentioned above, collagen has 3 main types, it will be suitable for each different use in beauty care, bone and joint support,... Therefore, people should learn carefully the product before deciding to use it.
  • Choose products suitable for each age and gender. There are many types that will suit everyone, but there are also some collagen supplements that only support a specific audience.
  • Collagen is a portion of healthy food but you should not overdo it. Using too much for the wrong purpose will cause the opposite effect and adversely affect your health.
  • Pregnant and lactating women should not take collagen supplements during pregnancy. You can increase collagen in your body through daily foods.
  • For people with chronic diseases, who are in the process of being treated or are using prescription drugs, if you want to supplement collagen, you need to consult a specialist before using.
  • You can combine collagen with other skin care products to increase beauty efficiency and preserve beauty.
  • Combining a healthy lifestyle, limiting stimulants, and a reasonable scientific diet.

5. Methods of supporting the growth of hydrolyzed collagen for the body

Vitamin C is considered the "environment" to help Collagen promote its best effect. If you supplement collagen as much as vitamin C deficiency, the body's collagen absorption will certainly be much worse. 

So you can stimulate the body's ability to increase collagen by adding foods rich in Vitamin C, essential amino acids for the body's collagen synthesis such as: beef , bone broth, chicken, legumes or bean products, eggs, milk, tropical fruits, green vegetables,...

You can also supplement with Vitamin C products, but you should only take Vitamin C after entering breakfast. Do not take Vitamin C in the evening, it will make it difficult for you to sleep as well as negatively affect the stomach and kidneys.

If you take Collagen Peptides and vitamin C supplements, you can take them in the following steps:

  • Taking Collagen Peptides supplement 30 minutes before taking breakfast 
  • After taking breakfast, using Vitamin C supplement
  • Before going to bed, using Collagen Peptides supplement 

What is Collagen Peptide? Hopefully, the above article has provided readers to understand more about this type of collagen. As well as understanding why it is popular in such health and skin care products. With the outstanding benefits that this collagen brings, you should strengthen and supply it every day to enhance your health!

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