The effect of Collagen on hair

The effect of Collagen on hair

In addition to the effect on the skin and joints, collagen also plays an important role in the hair. Let's read the following article to learn about the effects of collagen on hair.

Collagen is a form of protein in human body. Collagen helps build tendons, ligaments and skin. Therefore, collagen plays a huge role in the muscle and joint system. However, few people know that collagen has an effect on hair. Through this article, you will know clearly the effects of collagen on hair.

1. What is the effects of Collagen on hair?

Collagen offers many health benefits. And hair health is one of them. Many studies on the effects of collagen on hair have been published. Here's the proof that collagen is the "key" to hair health.

1.1. Provides Amino Acid for hair growth

The main component of hair is the protein keratin. The protein keratin is made of amino acids. And the main nutrient that creates keratin is collagen.

When taking collagen, body will break down collagen into amino acids. These amino acids will be used to make proteins as well as other compounds.

Human body contains 11 types of non-essential amino acids. Because, these 11 amino acids, the body can synthesize on its own. However, there are 9 other extremely important amino acids that the body cannot synthesize on its own. And these 9 amino acids will only be provided by the dietary route.

According to scientists, there are three non-essential amino acids that make up collagen. These three amino acids include: proline, glycine and hydroxyproline.

collagen structure

Proline is the main ingredient in keratin. Therefore, supplementing with the right amount of collagen means that body is supplementing with proline. And proline will provide body with enough material to nourish healthy hair.

1.2. Avoid damaging hair follicles

In fact, collagen acts as an antioxidant. Therefore, collagen will help fight free radicals that damage the skin and hair.

Free radicals are essentially "toxic" compounds that are produced in the body. Free radicals are more strongly produced in polluted environments, unscientific diets, psycho-physiological stress, etc. The more free radicals, the more damaged cells, proteins, and DNA.


And scientists have proven, free radicals also negatively affect hair follicles. Because, with age, the body's ability to defend itself against free radicals is less. This is what causes hair damage.

Several studies have shown that collagen has extremely powerful antioxidant capabilities. From there, collagen can also fight free radicals, avoiding damage to hair follicles. Based on this study, scientists continue to conduct research on the effects of collagen on hair in cases. As a result, collagen extracted from sea/ocean fish has antioxidant properties and many other free radicals.

However, these studies have only been done in lab. To be able to accurately conclude the effect of collagen on hair, more actual research is needed.

1.3. Collagen helps prevent thinning hair

70% of the dermis is collagen. The dermis is the middle layer of the skin, containing the root of each hair. Collagen also partly affects the dermis layer in increasing elasticity and firmness.

However, as age increases, body's ability to produce collagen also decreases. Collagen content is lost every year. And the dermis is therefore also less collagenous. Of course, hair will thin over time.

beautiful hair

To increase the thickness and length of the hair, the most important thing is to maintain a healthy dermis. In other words, collagen supplements are needed to make up for the deficiency. If collagen is sufficient, thinning hair will gradually stop.

To clearly demonstrate the role of collagen in hair, scientists have conducted a study. The study took place over 8 weeks, with 69 women aged 35-55. These 69 women were given collagen every day in the prescribed amount. As a result, their skin is significantly improved and so is their hair.

In another study, this time over 12 weeks with the participation of 1000 people. As a result, supplementing with collagen every day will increase the amount of protein in the skin. The speed of aging is also reversed, not only for the skin but also for the hair.

1.4. Prevents hair graying from happening faster

Graying of hair is a natural phenomenon, usually occurring as we age. However, we can reverse the rate of gray hair by taking collagen regularly. Preventing the process of graying hair from happening faster is an interesting effect of collagen.

So how does collagen slow down the graying process? Probably due to collagen's antioxidant properties. Collagen with the ability to withstand all damage to cells, will reverse the natural graying rate.

gray hair

And although, gray hair in addition to age can also be genetic, but collagen supplements also have an impact, helping to reduce gray hair.

Moreover, when the body lacks collagen, it means lack of antioxidants. Lack of antioxidants will cause faster, more gray hair.

As mentioned above, collagen has the ability to fight harmful free radicals. So in theory, collagen should prevent damage to the cells that give hair color. Therefore, the hair graying process also takes place more slowly.

2. How to supplement collagen?

There are two ways to supplement collagen that are very popular today. That is supplementing collagen through the daily diet menu. Or supplement collagen with functional foods.

2.1. Collagen is found in many kind of foods

Therefore, it can be easily supplemented with this nutrient through a collagen-rich, scientific and reasonable diet. Example: Bone broth is a dish rich in collagen, gelatin – a cooked form of collagen. In addition to collagen-rich foods, you also need to increase your intake of the catalysts that help increase the body's natural collagen production in foods rich in vitamin C.

collagen foods

 2.2. Supplementing Collagen through supplements

There are many collagen supplements on the market today. There are collagen tablets, powders, jelly, ... but the most effective and appreciated is still water collagen. Because, water-based collagen has a fast penetration speed and high efficiency.

Collagen supplements of clear origin are generally safe for users. However, there are still situations where people who use collagen in this way experience unwanted effects such as heartburn, clear heat, acne, weight gain, etc.

82X collagen

As a highly regarded water-based collagen product, 82X's Collagen is extracted entirely from ocean tuna, clean and pure. 82X is also a rare Collagen brand on the market that applies Kosoteki hydrolysis technology to collagen production. Collagen peptide molecules created by Kosoteki are super small in size, super permeable 6 times more than normal collagen. In addition to collagen ingredients, 82X's Collagen also contains more than 100 other natural extracts. Among them is Vitamin C - an important nutrient in promoting natural collagen growth.

fish collagen

3. How to take care of hair by using Collagen?

In order to have healthy and beautiful hair from the inside out, in addition to adding collagen to nourish the hair from the inside, it is necessary to have a hair care method from the outside. You can use shampoos, hair serums, etc. rich in collagen to massage and take care of your hair during cleaning and hair care. In this way, the hair will be nourished, shiny and healthy from the outside. However, this method only works on the surface. For healthy and beautiful hair, it is still necessary to combine collagen from the inside.

hair care

Supplementing collagen from the inside through eating will bring long-term effects. Because when eating, this nutrient will be evenly distributed in the body, having the deepest and widest impact. This helps the organs in the body to be replenished with the necessary amount of collagen. Thanks to that, not only skin, nails, bones, joints but also hair are also absorbed collagen. Enough collagen, the bonds in the skin and hair are regenerated, will quickly recover, healthy, youthful again.

the effect of collagen on hair

Thus, we can see the importance of collagen for beauty and health. Not only bringing effects to the muscles, bones and joints, collagen is also essential to maintain youthful skin and smooth, shiny hair, and reverse premature graying of hair (premature aging).

And to ensure healthy and beautiful hair from the inside out, besides supplementing the effect of collagen with the hair, it is also necessary to pay attention to hair care from the outside. Especially with hair that is often curled, pressed, straightened, dyed, etc., it is necessary to have a scientific care regime. Because, the health of the hair also partly reflects the health of the person.

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